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May 29, 2005


Well the people of France have voted, and the result is a setback for the EUcrats. Most amusing is the quote from Valery Giscard d'Estaing to the effect that countries that reject the treaty will be asked to vote again. This can of course be easily summarized as "the people will continue to vote until they reach the correct result!"
But let's not get too excited in congratulating the French on their rejection of the bureaucratic nightmare that is the EU Constitution. It seems that most of the no votes were cast as a protest against the laughably weak attempts to barely reform the socialist markets of Europe.
Any new version of the EU Constitution that is palatable to the French should prove doubly onerous to those who wish to see real economic reform and open markets.

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May 28, 2005

Joys of the Garden

One thing I've come to enjoy lately is piddling around in the garden. I'm old enough now to admit that one of my vices is the inability to complete projects. Oh I can start the hell out of them....and get them about 95% complete, at which point I lose all interest. But there's something about the garden that is different.
Perhaps it's the relatively small amount of effort necessary to get big results...or the fact that the plants, once I do some diligence in getting the ball rolling, handle all that pesky "completion" duty. I do know that gardening is more of a process than a project.
I also don't discount the "magic" component of the garden. What other hobby do you get to take some <$1 objects, stick them in dirt, and a week later they start revealing themselves as aggressive living beings? Come home from work, take a peek at the ground, and be surprised that while you were burbling on the phone in the office, your plants were busy doubling in size. And you thought you worked hard.
Here's a pic of 10 day-old zucchini and cucumber seedlings in the current garden. Each large leaf is comparable to the size of your thumb.
Zucchini  Cucumbers

By July these tiny seedlings will probably sprawl for 6 feet... and produce so much fruit that even my coworkers will be sick of zukes.

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